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Community Artists Gallery & Studios, New Bern, NC

Village Gallery, Oriental NC

About Me


My work often doesn't have a beginning design concept. Just the handling of papers or looking through magazines, an image, photo or color will take me to studio and pieces come together. I love to incorporate an item that has intrigued me or that I've cherished and kept in my cache of treasures.

I am drawn to nature and have an inherent need to use materials and reference the beauty found around us. My palettes often reflect earth tones, especially my favorite color, quinacridone gold.

Although I often work in watercolors and acrylics, as well as batik watercolor, my primary medium is abstract mixed media. 

I like the fluidity of collage and mixed mediums. The layering and challenge to get from beginning to end with no set path to follow. It is often difficult, but I believe the end just finds me.